zondag 24 januari 2016

A-line handmade green-leafs JSK

Decided this morning I was going to try out a new pattern and make myself a new jsk :)

First I needed to pick out a new dress from the Otomo sewing-book nr. 7

 Here the pattern I picked, A-line jsk and my fabric (2m).

I chose not to do the ruffles and cause my fabric has a borderprint

First I drafted the pattern and cut all the parts out!

As I was not going to do the ruffles I had to elongate the ends of the pattern with 17cm so it would have a proper length
I also drew 1cm entra around the patterns for the seams!

Cause I needed to be sure that the dress would fit I measured the waist: Lwaist =  approx 80cm
A little more then I am myself so I felt it was ok to proceed!

When everything is prepared like I want to its time to start cutting the fabric

I've folded my fabric to the other direction so I can place my pattern easily on the pattern!
The pattern indicates that I should place a zipper on the side but I want to place it in the back so I didn't place the back part next to a fold. The front part I did place next to the fabric fold!
When this was done, I cut the fabric!

First I've sealed the ends from all parts.
Here is my very very old machine that helps me do this <3

after this, to make my next steps easier,  I place all my parts in the right order.

I started sewing the parts together starting from the middle part to the sides leaving the back part open!

 When all parts are sewn together, it looks like a half circle skirt hihi :D

After this I've ironed all the seams, (opening and flattening them)

After this  I measured the zipper-part, sewn it together leaving a part open for the zipper.

Then I've pinned the zipper  in and sewn it in!

After this I finished the top part by sewing the inside parts and the straps in!

The small parts inside I've locked to the seams so they will stay in place when I wear it!

 Last step... sewing the bottom seam :D <3

 Finished result (Don't mind the red detail, this was just for myself to see whet type of brooche I want to create after so I can balance the greens from the border!

Fabric detail

Top part detail

The straps I made from a soft ribbon.
I'm going to get some more from the store to make a little belt I can use with this dress as well...

The backside
(weird cause pettie isn't big enough for this jsk, must remember I need to wear 2 when I want to wear this jsk!)

(Personal note: The top-zipper part isn't perfect, next time I need to do a better job!!!)

I didn't feel this jsk was a HUGE challenge except for the zipper as I don't like sewing zippers!!!
I do feel like I can do better so I'll be redoing this pattern and get better at it!

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it!
Concrit is welcome! :)

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  1. This is really good! I like the fabric a lot :)
    I'll try to use the picture with all the pieces next to each other to make a similar dress!

    1. thanks :D
      I was a big scared about how the dress would look in the end with this type of fabric but I feel it looks quite elegant and it can easily be used in more simple coords and not OTT once :3