maandag 14 maart 2016

Le Salon the Made in Asia 2016 and Dream Theater

Le Salon the Made in Asia 2016 or short MIA2016. 

I went on Sunday alone, to have some fun, to shop and to hang with my buddy Joke.

Before I left the house I asked my husband to make some pictures from me so I would have some nice once cause I decided I would not take my big camera with! 

 Waiting for my train
Trying to get some Vitamin D in my system <3 <3

I went on Sunday alone, to have some fun, to shop and to hang with my buddy Joke.

Before I left the house I asked my husband to make some pictures from me so I would have some nice once cause I decided I would not take my big camera with!  

After a 3 hour long trip with the train that went surprisingly smooth, I arrived at the venue. Joke was already there as she was with her car!
Joke and me <3

Joke was cosplaying Dotty from rescue-rangers, a cartoon from my childhood! I thought she did a great job on her costume and all my love for choosing this particular character and making me reminiscing to my old self watching french TV in the early mornings. 

Google Picture
Picture from Joke's Instagram

Mia was more fun then I expected. I don't like crowded places and tend to just avoid them at any cost! This year the convention was divided in a different way and they used several more rooms! this was there was more place between the isles and it didn't felt like is was extremely crowded! 

First I went to look around at all the small shops! There were many cute things but I couldn't buy everything I wanted cause that's impossible. I did manage to buy heaps of sticker and cute tape for my collages and my logbook! I also got a bento-box, 2 cute badges and 2 pairs of earrings and the fist Otomo Lolita sewingbook <3 (I am still extremely happy with FINALLY getting that book! best investment ever <3 )
I think I managed to do a great spree (spent more then I planned to of course!!! )

 I got MANY MANY stickers... My personal goal was to get more craft supplies and I think I succeeded! My bento-box was a little unplanned buy but, I really needed one and I liked this one a lot cause it's practical, big and has a fork and spoon in it)

Mine is a little more pink-ish then this one :)

 Closeup from the stickers and the pen I got

 Mermaid like earrings and glittery heart-shaped earrings 

 Cute tape with hello kitty, Hero... <3 <3 

 Food stickers, Sheep stickers...

 Other cute stickers and my Otomo lolita sewing book NR1

More sticker-masking tape!

Almost forgot... I also got myself 2 pins, A "sailormoon" one and a "I am a princess" one
(sailor one not pictured :3 )
(colorful star necklace made by my friend Mintyfrills btw)

After shopping Joke and I went to the hall where there were seats and food-stalls! As I am vegan I can't really trust there will be food for me so I brought my own food (Banana, Cornbread and homemade choco) 
I was super happy I got my own food cause when I saw the long lines at the food-booths, I was a bit chocked about the lines!

After dinner we met up with a  photographer, Indie Deny Photography 
 Kawaii Pose he made me do ^^ 

 Backlight picture, I really like this one :) 

Joke and me :D <3 

Afterwards we went to the game room and I started taking pictures!
Sadly there weren't many Lolita's present so I sometimes felt a little out of place with all these cosplayers! Some really had epic costumes!

 Cute picture Joke made with my cellphone
( I always forget what this animal is but it's so CUTE)

 Having a first impression

At the concert they were all wearing solid black outfits :P a but contradictory I thought!

 Gig from Color-code 
Their dancemoves were ON POINT!!!
I really liked their music but it was super loud so I didn't stay till the end as I didn't want to be deaf before I went to the Dream Theater concert! :P

 Me and the "Atomium" in the background

 Spotting my lolita friends <3 

 As always, their outfits were spotless 

me, Aly, Bee and Maurraine

 Cute DIY candy
(Didn't get any cause I don't know of it's vegan or not... I presume not!)
 Really Cute Bat Necklaces from Clovered

Shopping Joke

After some last shopping, I changed my outfit for the concert!
I felt like a true Tumblerina ;)
At the very end I still managed to meet up with Maria and have a little chat.
Maria looked so CUTE in her Fancy Box <3

 At 18.30 My husband picked me up from the convention to go see Dream Theater :D
We weren't allowed to take any picture but, the dude next to me did managed to make 1 picture and I asked him if he was open to share this with me.
My husband was a little disappointed about our seats but for acoustic reasons these once were the best but, sadly we were sitting a great distance even though we payed for a more expensive ticket! 

The concert itself was epic. Dream Theater never seems to disappoint!
The music was great! The imagery on the background that represented the story from their show were also very cool! 

It was a great ending of my day and weekend <3
I got home at about 1 in the morning! I was exhausted but fulfilled!
(and also a little deaf!)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and it was a little interesting! 

Pictures my husband made in the morning: 

dinsdag 2 februari 2016

A new A-line coat for a trip to Sweden

As I really needed a new coat cause I felt like my old one was getting outdated and I haven't worn it for 2 years now, I felt it was time for a new one!
I couldn't really find my taste on all the websites I usually browse so I decided I would make one myself! 

 I will always love this coat but, it's just not really my style anymore!
My new sewing-book just arrived and I told myself this would he a nice and challenging project!

This cute coat really took my breath away and my choice was easy!!!

I picked L-size but I think I could have taken M size as well! I have put my buttons that way the coat is on it's smallest right now... 

First I started drafting the pattern again...
It was NOT easy cause you have to do some little things yourself! and as I do not speak/read any Japanese... it was a little difficult but after a lot of looking at the pictures and pattern parts I finally found what it was I needed to do!

I went to the store and chose myself a wine colored fabric and a matching wine colored lining! And buttons with crowns on them (they were actually not that expensive and that was a little surprising for me as I feel buttons are super expensive! -_- )

After shopping I started with the cutting process!

I got 3.5 meters of Wine fabric, 0.5 meter black fabric (same as wine one) and 3.5m Lining-fabric

As I didn't want to make any mistakes... I put all the pattern parts on my fabric but, I drew on all the parts on the same spots on my lining-fabric. (why? some parts look so much alike... I thought this structural way would help me put all the right parts together so I don't make ANY mistakes just by using the wrong parts while sewing! )

After cutting I placed my parts in the right order so it's just easier to make it...
You jut start by 1, 2, 3, 4...4, 3, 2, 1 (for the outer parts this was fairly easy)
The part I felt was difficult here was that the fabric is so heavy and

This is how the lining looked after all parts were sewn together!
For the lining, I had to draw the extra bit myself... I had to sew in: 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1b, 1a
It was a bit more challenging cause part 1b is super small and lining is slippery... ^-^

This is how all parts looked when all outer parts are sew together!

This is my finished product!
It took me 4 days to get it done!


Closeup from the buttons.

Note... the collar isn't the original one in the book!
The colar in the book just wasn't big enough there was about a 10cm difference so I altered the part I had to match my coat. It wasn't a big problem but as I cut the fabric already I felt a bit sad cause that part was wasted and I hate trowing stuff away!

The sleeved are also a little different from the original pattern I felt my way was a better and warmer choice then the one in the book! ^_^ hihi
(If you have questions about this, feel free to ask!)

Collar is also lined on the inside!

And the inside of the coat is also fully lined!

thank you for reading my blog!
Feel free to comment and or give any concrit!
It's my very first time making a coat and I do feel a little proud of my result!

zondag 24 januari 2016

A-line handmade green-leafs JSK

Decided this morning I was going to try out a new pattern and make myself a new jsk :)

First I needed to pick out a new dress from the Otomo sewing-book nr. 7

 Here the pattern I picked, A-line jsk and my fabric (2m).

I chose not to do the ruffles and cause my fabric has a borderprint

First I drafted the pattern and cut all the parts out!

As I was not going to do the ruffles I had to elongate the ends of the pattern with 17cm so it would have a proper length
I also drew 1cm entra around the patterns for the seams!

Cause I needed to be sure that the dress would fit I measured the waist: Lwaist =  approx 80cm
A little more then I am myself so I felt it was ok to proceed!

When everything is prepared like I want to its time to start cutting the fabric

I've folded my fabric to the other direction so I can place my pattern easily on the pattern!
The pattern indicates that I should place a zipper on the side but I want to place it in the back so I didn't place the back part next to a fold. The front part I did place next to the fabric fold!
When this was done, I cut the fabric!

First I've sealed the ends from all parts.
Here is my very very old machine that helps me do this <3

after this, to make my next steps easier,  I place all my parts in the right order.

I started sewing the parts together starting from the middle part to the sides leaving the back part open!

 When all parts are sewn together, it looks like a half circle skirt hihi :D

After this I've ironed all the seams, (opening and flattening them)

After this  I measured the zipper-part, sewn it together leaving a part open for the zipper.

Then I've pinned the zipper  in and sewn it in!

After this I finished the top part by sewing the inside parts and the straps in!

The small parts inside I've locked to the seams so they will stay in place when I wear it!

 Last step... sewing the bottom seam :D <3

 Finished result (Don't mind the red detail, this was just for myself to see whet type of brooche I want to create after so I can balance the greens from the border!

Fabric detail

Top part detail

The straps I made from a soft ribbon.
I'm going to get some more from the store to make a little belt I can use with this dress as well...

The backside
(weird cause pettie isn't big enough for this jsk, must remember I need to wear 2 when I want to wear this jsk!)

(Personal note: The top-zipper part isn't perfect, next time I need to do a better job!!!)

I didn't feel this jsk was a HUGE challenge except for the zipper as I don't like sewing zippers!!!
I do feel like I can do better so I'll be redoing this pattern and get better at it!

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it!
Concrit is welcome! :)