dinsdag 2 februari 2016

A new A-line coat for a trip to Sweden

As I really needed a new coat cause I felt like my old one was getting outdated and I haven't worn it for 2 years now, I felt it was time for a new one!
I couldn't really find my taste on all the websites I usually browse so I decided I would make one myself! 

 I will always love this coat but, it's just not really my style anymore!
My new sewing-book just arrived and I told myself this would he a nice and challenging project!

This cute coat really took my breath away and my choice was easy!!!

I picked L-size but I think I could have taken M size as well! I have put my buttons that way the coat is on it's smallest right now... 

First I started drafting the pattern again...
It was NOT easy cause you have to do some little things yourself! and as I do not speak/read any Japanese... it was a little difficult but after a lot of looking at the pictures and pattern parts I finally found what it was I needed to do!

I went to the store and chose myself a wine colored fabric and a matching wine colored lining! And buttons with crowns on them (they were actually not that expensive and that was a little surprising for me as I feel buttons are super expensive! -_- )

After shopping I started with the cutting process!

I got 3.5 meters of Wine fabric, 0.5 meter black fabric (same as wine one) and 3.5m Lining-fabric

As I didn't want to make any mistakes... I put all the pattern parts on my fabric but, I drew on all the parts on the same spots on my lining-fabric. (why? some parts look so much alike... I thought this structural way would help me put all the right parts together so I don't make ANY mistakes just by using the wrong parts while sewing! )

After cutting I placed my parts in the right order so it's just easier to make it...
You jut start by 1, 2, 3, 4...4, 3, 2, 1 (for the outer parts this was fairly easy)
The part I felt was difficult here was that the fabric is so heavy and

This is how the lining looked after all parts were sewn together!
For the lining, I had to draw the extra bit myself... I had to sew in: 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1b, 1a
It was a bit more challenging cause part 1b is super small and lining is slippery... ^-^

This is how all parts looked when all outer parts are sew together!

This is my finished product!
It took me 4 days to get it done!


Closeup from the buttons.

Note... the collar isn't the original one in the book!
The colar in the book just wasn't big enough there was about a 10cm difference so I altered the part I had to match my coat. It wasn't a big problem but as I cut the fabric already I felt a bit sad cause that part was wasted and I hate trowing stuff away!

The sleeved are also a little different from the original pattern I felt my way was a better and warmer choice then the one in the book! ^_^ hihi
(If you have questions about this, feel free to ask!)

Collar is also lined on the inside!

And the inside of the coat is also fully lined!

thank you for reading my blog!
Feel free to comment and or give any concrit!
It's my very first time making a coat and I do feel a little proud of my result!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What are you going to do in Sweden if you don't mind me asking? :)
    I live in Sweden but are going to the Netherlands in a couple of weeks, I thought that was a fun coincidence x)
    As the weather is now you wont even need a coat here unless you are going to Lappland!

    1. Hello :D I'm going to go to Stockholm :D just for a few days :) scout the city and go home :D
      In Belgium, where I am from it's a nice 12/14° and looking at weather charts from your country it's 0/1° I think I do need this coat :P haha :D I actually only have a short coat and that's not warm enough for me as I tend to freeze up in no time :D
      Where in the Netherlands are you going to? :D I live near the border with the Netherlands :D

    2. Okay :) Just a couple of days ago the Swedish government made a lot of the museums here free! I don't know why I thought you lived in the netherlands, maybe cause of the dutch on your site, I live in Uppsala and often go to Verviers by Liege where my dad has an apartment. I also have a sister in Amsterdam which is where I'm going, but I think I will also go to some other place around there since I have a full 9 days before I go back and I love going of on unplanned adventures :) And yeah, I'm probably a bit biased on whether the weather is cold here, it's just much warmer than it usually is but maybe still pretty cold x)

    3. Yes, The modern Art museum was free and that was super fun :D haha... <3
      You have a great looking country!!! :D
      Verviers, there is a friend from me that lives there... it's about 2h with my car from my place... as is Amsterdam
      I live in the 'Flemish' part of Belgium so I speak Dutch :D it's really different from the Dutch in the Netherlands :D altho we say the same words and all :D

      I have to admit... it was less cold in Sweden then I expected... did got a smelting snow attack :P from the weather there :) and I was actually really happy with my long coat protecting me from the rain and such :)

  2. I will go to Europe on december and I totally need a new coat. I live on a tropical country so I'm not sure if I can endure the weather but I'll try. You really have talent for sewing!

    1. Auw, thank you so much :3
      I just try my best to make something lovely with the things I have :3

      If you are going to Europe in December you might need a warm coat, I also suggest a sturdy umbrella :D hihi...
      It's not super cold here... but the wind can be really nasty from time to time :)